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We are helping women now with searching for job applications, resumes as well as providing appropriate clothing for interviews and starting employment.


Our working women’s group is an inclusive group that exists to support you in your career, providing a judgement-free safe space in which to ask questions and receive support for your growth, whilst also networking with like-minded women and the local business community. As part of the WWG clients gain access to a four-month career and self-development program focused on helping women to achieve find, maintain and thrive in employment alongside maintaining their personal wellbeing.


The program is a blend of one-to-one mentorship, and workshops.  The sessions are primarily remote-based, although we do have occasional in-person socials to help build connections.  The group is as much about building a good network of support as it is about learning and development. For the one-to-one mentorship, we have a team of mentors available that we will pair you with.



FINANCESunderstanding the principles of how money works and how best to manage it is the first step in making your money work for you. Launch Okanagan provide a full and engaging course, Dollars & Sense, which provides all you need to positively change the future of your finances.

WELLBEING: working with a Wellness360 programme created by our founder Liz, we bring a wellbeing focus into each month of the programme.  Wellness360 helps you balance everyday stressors by focusing on the 12 elements in the Wellness wheel. Maintaining energy levels and identifying areas of focus will enable you to achieve your career, life and wellness goals. When you are feeling exhausted, you will struggle to be your best, this is why a wellbeing focus runs throughout the twelve-month programme. It’s not all about facials and pampering (but more on that later) Wellness360 gives you practical tips and tools you can utilize to maintain focus, strength and health throughout the ups and downs of life.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Courses in creating your future vision, understanding the values that are important to you, how these can help you create a life that works for you and importantly guidance on creating your goals (personal and career) to take you where you want to go

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: courses on effective communications for the workplace (and beyond), planning & prioritizing to make your time work effectively for your goals.

HEADSHOTS: access to a free LinkedIn styling and headshot session to get your online image professional and ready to take your career to the next level. (available in WWG based on facilitator availability)

For information about joining our Working Women's Group, please contact us at


We work with women who have recently stepped back into the workplace and those who are taking their first steps in the world of work.  Our clients are keen to build strong careers but it can feel overwhelming when there are loads of new things to learn, and there is a lot of change; it’s tough to know where to start.  Our client’s time is precious and it’s difficult to fit everything in or know where to access support when everyone around them is also busy.  

If the above sounds familiar, our working women’s group is here to help busy women like you navigate the workplace and develop your career in line with your goals.  

If you’d like more information, or if you already know this is just what you’ve been looking for please contact us at, and take the next step into a trusted space, alongside like-minded women as together you grow in confidence and take yourself to wherever you want to go in your career. 

Time Commitment

  • One per week catch up with your chosen mentor – this is between 30-60 minutes and can be done remotely or in-person as suits you and your mentor

  • Weekly Remote Skills Development Workshop of 90 minutes

  • Ad-hoc events such as pamper sessions or in-person socials



As part of our Working Women's Group we offer our clients one on one mentorship with women who can support and guide them through the topics they are learning within our programmes and also offer general support and a listening ear to support their development.


As a mentor you:

  • Provide safe space & a listening ear

  • Build confidence

  • Direct them toward self-awareness in the situations or questions they bring to you

  • Provide guidance where required but encourage them to find their own solutions

  • Act as a sounding board, allowing them to experience their emotions when needed but always guiding them back to a positive route forward from any situation

  • Be accountable to meet weekly with your client and ensure they commit to the same

  • Be aware of the current workshop content at any one time


If you are already established in your career and are eager to give back to women at an earlier stage in theirs then please get in touch via to discuss further.

Dress for Success Professional Women's Group acknowledges and appreciates the financial support of:

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