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Our wellness program is designed and delivered by a certified wellness coach and a dynamic kinesiologist with experience in helping women change their lives. We believe that everyone is unique. Our mission is to support and guide you through life’s race course, assisting you with getting the job of your dreams, working through any challenges, helping you define what wellness means to you and providing you with a road map to achieve the best version of your self.

We help all women who are feeling lost, burnout, overweight & over scheduled gain energy and overcome emotional eating to feel fit & fabulous and fiercely in control of their life. Our vision is to significantly contribute towards achieving healthy people, healthy workplaces and health communities through effective coaching and breaking down barriers to achieve overall wellness.

Can you think back to the time when you felt fearless and fabulous? When all aspects of you life were working in harmony, your energy levels were on fire and your self confidence made you unstoppable?

Are you?

  • Feeling stuck; either in your job or in your search for a new career

  • Are you questioning what your purpose is and what you should be doing?

  • Do you lack confidence in going out and getting what you want?

  • Do you struggle to put yourself first? Or feel lonely?

  • Have you put on weight and you don't know why or what to do.

  • Exhausted Mentally, Emotionally & Physically?

  • Staying home instead of seeing family or friends, or getting exercise?

  • Frustrated & what to do more but just don’t seem to know how to get going?

  • Tossing & Turning at night & not getting a restful sleep?

  • Too Stressed? Too Busy? Too Much Going on!

If this sounds like you, it is time to define and reclaim yourself. What it would feel like to be;

  • Free from Fear; to have identified what is holding you back & have an action plan to achieve your goals

  • Energetic, to be able to bounce through the day without needing a coffee or sugar fix.

  • To eliminate the word diet forever from your vocabulary, controlling emotional eating and learning food is something to be enjoyed for nourishment and energy and not to be feared

  • Realistic solutions designed uniquely for you to alleviate the chronic stress affecting your confidence.

  • To find the job of your dreams, feel purposeful and confident

  • To just feel content & in control. 

We are ready to help you on your journey,  Contact us today!



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